Super Red Plus

120202 pail, drum Oil, Carbonized deposits, Animal oil IMO  


  • Excellent cleaning efficiency.
  • Retains strong degreasing properties when diluted.
  • Removal of carbonized deposits, heavy greases and heavy duty general cargo tank/hold cleaning.
  • Removal of soot deposits emanating from inert gas systems or other sources.
  • Good for use on decks.
  • Contains no solvents or caustic-based cleaners.
  • Safe on all materials.
  • Non-toxic and non-flammable.
  • Easy to apply, cost-effective.
  • IMO-approved & bio- degradable, minimizing environmental concerns.

SUPER RED PLUS is a water-based, non-caustic, general purpose degreaser with an excellent cleaning efficiency. It effectively removes grease, wax, vegetable and animal fat, oil, sludge, soot, carbon deposits, traffic film, dirt and grime.
SUPER RED PLUS is water-based, non- flammable, biodegradable and IMO- approved. Only cleaners registered in Annex10 of IMO’s MEPC.2/Circular can be used and disposed of at sea for cargo tank cleaning, when the cargo residue slops are disposable at sea.


SUPER RED PLUS, although mostly used on decks, has numerous applications, including engine room and engine cleaning, Ro/Ro and ferries car deck bulkhead cleaning, refrigeration spaces, fishing vessel holds, cargo holds and tanks cleaning and general ship, yacht and pressure boat exterior cleaning. SUPER RED PLUS is a very effective, IMO- approved, tank cleaner for cargo holds and tanks. It can be applied using recirculation or for spot cleaning after most CPP / hydrocarbons. For best results, apply using high pressure. For increased residential time of the chemical, when applied on vertical surfaces, add CHEMO FOAM BOOSTER (Product Code: 110302) for improved

Use and dosing

Instructions are based on experience and are meant only as a guide since circumstances for each cleaning operation vary. They are not intended to interfere with the judgment of the vessel’s responsible personnel. SUPER RED PLUS may be used for different types of cleaning and in a number of ways. The usage of high-pressure equipment improves the cleaning results. Never prepare the cleaning solution with river or sea water.
Apply a solution of SUPER RED PLUS (5-20%) in warm water on soiled surfaces using brushes, rags or hand spray. Allow 5-10 minutes for the product to act and rinse off with plenty of water. Where soiling persists, the product may be applied undiluted provided that all necessary precautions have been taken.
If high-pressure washing is used, use a solution of 1-20% SUPER RED PLUS in fresh warm water.

Use SUPER RED PLUS for cargo tank cleaning after cargo discharge. First, flush tanks with water as soon as possible after the cargo has been discharged, for preventing the oxidation and hardening of any residues. This will also reduce the amount of chemicals required. Pay attention not to overheat the cargo. This may change its properties or even burn the cargo to the bulkhead. Read the cargo specifications carefully. The temperature used for pre-cleaning will depend on whether the cargo is drying, semi-drying or non-drying, and the cargo melting point. Cargo tank cleaning can be performed by recirculation method or spot cleaning.

Operators must always consult the safety instructions before use, wearing the appropriate safety equipment and having adequate ventilation when using this product. SUPER RED PLUS dosing depends on the surface area to be covered, the cargo residues remaining after prewashing, and the application method being used. If contamination persists, repeat the cleaning procedure, until the required result is obtained.

This product is used for the highlighted parts below

Problems solved
  • Oil and organic cleaning.
  • Animal oils cleaning.
  • Carbonized deposits and heavy greases cleaning.
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