Special Step No1

120106 pail, drum    
  • Penetrates and emulsifies heavy oily deposits.
  • Safe to use on all common metals.
  • Suited to recirculating cleaning methods.
  • When mixed with water, a milky emulsion is formed.
  • Cost effective.

SPECIAL STEP No1 is a solvent-based concentrate emulsifier specially formulated for cleaning boilers, engine cooling systems and heat exchanging surfaces that are fully contaminated with fuel or lubricating oil.


SPECIAL STEP No1 is mainly used to clean boilers and cooling water systems. It is also used for cleaning heat exchangers condensers, deep tanks and bilges from heavy oil contamination.

Use and dosing

Boiler Cleaning: Oil deposits can be removed from boilers by circulating a 5-10% solution of SPECIAL STEP No1. For best results, the cleaning solution should be heated to 50-60°C and the temperature should be maintained throughout the cleaning procedure. All cleaning should be done off-line.
1. Locate the contamination source, determine the contamination level and adjust prior to starting the cleaning operation. 2. Induct the required amounts of SPECIAL STEP No1 and water simultaneously, through the stream drum manhole. For light contamination, use a 4-5% solution whereas for heavier contamination use a 7-10% solution. 3. Secure steam drum manhole and open air vent valves at the top of the steam drum. 4. Fire boiler for a few minutes and secure for 15-20 minutes. Repeat until water reaches a temperature of 50-60 °C. Maintain this temperature for approximately 12 hours by periodically firing the boiler to promote agitation and solution circulation thus increased efficiency.5. Drain boiler and open all drain valves.  6. Rinse drums, tubes, and headers with water using a high-pressure hose. 7. Secure all openings and refill boiler.8. For one week after boiler re-operation, we recommend you add 2.5 liters of SPECIAL STEP No1.
Engine Cooling Water Systems Cleaning: The oily deposits in engine cooling water systems may be removed by draining the cooling water and refilling with a solution of SPECIAL STEP No1 in fresh water. This solution, when circulated, will emulsify oils and provoke their removal.  1. Drain the cooling water system and refill with fresh water. Having the engine stopped, recirculate and heat until temperature reaches 60°C. 2. Add 5-7 liters of SPECIAL STEP No1 per 100 liters of water and recirculate for at least 6 hours. 3. Drain the system and refill with a solution of 5 liters per 100 liters of cooling water at ambient temperatures. 4. Recirculate for another 1-2 hours, then drain the system and repeat the procedure if required. If scale persists, use SCALE REMOVER LIQUID or SCALE REMOVER POWDER for descaling.

This product is used for the highlighted parts below

Problems solved
  • Oil and organic cleaning.
  • Animal oils cleaning.
  • Carbonized deposits and heavy greases cleaning.
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