Oil & Sludge Remover

120101 pail, drum Oil, Grease IMO  


  • Multipurpose powerful degreaser with a wide range of applications.
  • Removes oil contamination from machinery, engine parts, and bilges.
  • Forms a milky emulsion upon contact with water.
  • Non-acid, non-alkaline.
  • Easy to rinse with water, leaves no residue and no stain.
  • Safe to use on most metal surfaces and equipment.
  • IMO-approved & bio- degradable, minimizing environmental concerns.

OIL & SLUDGE REMOVER is solvent – based blend of active penetrating and emulsifying agents and surfactants. It is used to dissolve grease, oil and grubby soils.OIL & SLUDGE REMOVER is biodegradable and IMO-approved, registered in Annex10 of IMO’s MEPC.2/Circular.


OIL & SLUDGE REMOVER can be used as a light cleaner for metals, painted and unpainted surfaces, soiled machinery, floor plates and bulkheads, parts and tools, decks and wherever grease has penetrated into.

Use and dosing

The product can be applied neat or in solution, by brushing, wiping, spraying or soaking. Use a sponge to apply on soiled areas and allow 15-20 minutes for product to act. Then rinse off thoroughly with fresh or sea water, preferably hot under pressure.
A. SPRAY METHOD: Spray over soiled areas neat and allow 15-20 minutes to act. Rinse off using a hose and hot fresh water. Where deposits persist, allow longer action time (30’) and scrub soiled areas with undiluted cleaner. Then rinse off with hot pressurized water or steam.
B. SOAKING METHOD: Use a solution of OIL & SLUDGE REMOVER in kerosene or other suitable petroleum solvents for a light cleaning operation, or use neat for heavily soiled parts. Soak items to be cleaned for at least 20 minutes and then rinse off with hot water.

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