Fueltreat 880

140102 pail, drum Sludge, Filter blocking    
  • Disperses existing wax agglomerations in waxy fuels, improving fuel filtration and reducing fuel losses.
  • Helps prevent sludge built-up and deposits in heaters, strainers, lines and boiler burner tips.
  • Stabilizes existing bunker tank sludge.
  • Improves atomization of the fuel.
  • Maximizes bunker yields.
  • Reduces corrosion in tanks and fuel lines.
  • Minimizes cleaning of the fuel supply system.
  • Minimizes tank cleaning costs.

FUELTREAT 880 benefits on stability and compatibility, fuel homogeneity and even combustion are noticed immediately after its first uses. Stability and compatibility: Instability of blended heavy fuels or oil components usually leads to sludge formation in the fuel tanks, fouled lines, heaters and viscometers and poorer combustion. FUELTREAT 880 allows even severely cracked fuel components to be blended with improved stability, optimizing the fuel recovery from fuel sludge and heavy slops.Fuel homogeneity: Fuels high in asphaltene content create sludge (due to their tendency to agglomerate), usually settling at the bottom of the tanks. FUELTREAT 880 keeps asphaltenes and sediment well dispersed throughout the fuel, reducing sludge and the consequent purifier workload.Combustion: A more homogenized fuel with asphaltenes well dispersed will give a better spray pattern to the fuel, providing a more complete combustion with fewer carbon deposits on atomizers and injectors.


FUELTREAT 880 is used for cleaning burner assemblies, fuel oil heaters and strainers, and lub oil coolers.

Use and dosing

FUELTREAT 880 should be supplied either by injection or by adding it to the tanks, prior to fuel intake. It has to be thoroughly mixed in the fuel. In the latter case, mixing will be accomplished by the turbulence caused by the addition of the fuel. The optimum dose is assessed on an individual basis and is highly governed by the nature and concentration of asphaltenes. 

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Problems solved

Sludge and deposit formation,stability and compatibility of fuel in  storage tanks, filter blocking, water emulsions, fuel polymerization 

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