140202 pail, drum Fuel consumption, Carbonized deposits    
  • Multi-functional package for diesel fuels.
  • Makes engine run smoothly.
  • Reduces carbon deposits.
  • Reduces smoking and particulate emissions.
  • Reduces fuel consumption.
  • Improves cetane improver.
  • Improves horsepower.
  • Improves moisture management.
  • Prolongs engine life.

 F2-21 is a concentrated performance improver, specially formulated for the marine-diesel operator that requires year-round optimal and reliable engine performance at an affordable cost. The product contains cetane improver and “clean up and keep clean” deposit control agents, which remove deposits in the injector and in the combustion chamber.
F2-21 improves the uniformity of the fuel and air mixture in the diesel engine by modifying the physical properties of the diesel fuel.

F2-21 makes your diesel engine run more smoothly, reduces operating temperature, reduces fuel consumption, and reduces emissions. Fuel savings and extra performance are the main benefits that make F2-21 very cost-effective to use in diesel engines. An added benefit is the dramatic reduction in harmful emissions. Most harmful emissions will drop to close zero. In fact, we guarantee the product will allow you to pass the emission test. The additional power it provides will aid in carrying heavy loads, climbing hills and more responsive acceleration.


F2-21 can be used in marine diesel engines to help reduce heavy emissions. The product is completely compatible with diesel fuel systems and diesel engines.

Use and dosing

F2-21 can be added when the fuel tank of the diesel engine is filled or can be added to the fuel storage tank such as those used by fleet operators. The typical dose is 1 liter of F2-21 per 1000 liters of Diesel Fuel.

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