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Coal Tar Remover

110203 pail, drum Oil, Fuel Oils/ Heavy Crude Oils, Dirt petroleum products IMO  
  • Effective cleaner with a high degree of solvency, removing all dried contaminations.
  • Removes coal tar, asphalt, crude benzene, pyrolyze gas oil, bitumen and similar substances.
  • Leaves no carbon residue on the cleaned surface.
  • Excellent for cleaning of heavily contaminated heat exchangers.
  • Economical cleaner which can be used as an emulsion with sea water.
  • Minimizes wastewater, because of fast separating properties (product contamination sinks to the bottom of separation tank because it is heavier than water).
  • IMO-approved.

COAL TAR REMOVER is a heavy duty, highly concentrated, solvent-based tank cleaner with strong emulsifying action. It consists of a mixture of chlorinated aromatic hydrocarbons and nonionic & cationic detergents. It effectively removes dried coal tar, crude benzene, bitumen and similar substances, leaving no carbon residue on the cleaned surface. COAL TAR REMOVER is highly concentrated, thus very economical. It can be used for cleaning heavily contaminated metal parts as well as for tank cleaning. Its strong emulsifying action allows the solution of water and COAL TAR REMOVER cleaning agent separate upon overlaying the contamination. Consequently, the water stays at the top, while the cleaner and contaminations sink to the bottom of separation tank because it is heavier than water. COAL TAR REMOVER is IMO-approved. Only cleaners registered in Annex10 of IMO’s MEPC.2/Circular can be used and disposed of at sea for cargo tank cleaning when the cargo residue slops are disposable at sea.


COAL TAR REMOVER is used for the cleaning of tanks, heat exchangers, air coolers etc from heavy tar and asphalt residues. Before cleaning with COAL TAR REMOVER, it is recommended to prewash for two hours with seawater at a maximum temperature of 60-80ºC (140-176ºF). If the previous cargo was crude oil, drying or semi-drying oils, a prewash with cold water should be applied. Remove any sediment by hand. Always wear the appropriate safety equipment when using this product. Be sure to have adequate ventilation when using this product.

Use and dosing

A. Tank-Cleaning using Recirculation
1. After discharging, prewash (2hrs.) the tanks with seawater at a maximum temp. 60-80°C.
2. Remove any sediment by hand.
3. In the tank that has to be cleaned, prepare a solution of 10% COAL TAR REMOVER in water (i.e. 100 liters of product per ton of water).
4. Using heating coils, heat the solution up to approx. 60-80°C.
5. Re-circulate for about 4-8 hours at the same temperature. The volume of the recirculating tank washing system should be carefully calculated to ensure that there is sufficient cleaning solution for continuous recirculation.
6. Pump the solution into another tank.
7. Rinse with fresh water.
8. Drain the tank.
9. For chloride-free cleaning, steam the tank with live steam.

B. Spot Cleaning
Use spraying, brushing, mopping or soaking to remove coal tar, dried tars, and asphalt. Allow at least 20 minutes after application to soften and solubilize hard contaminants before rinsing.

C. Cleaning of Heat Exchangers etc.
1. Start with a shock treatment with steam followed by flushing with cold water to break hard deposit layers, which will help the cleaning with COAL TAR REMOVER afterward.
2. Fill the system with COAL TAR REMOVER and circulate by means of a pump at max. 50°C for approximately 8 hours.
3. Drain and flush with water.

D. Cleaning of Air-Coolers
For badly soiled air coolers, use the circulation method or spray system. COAL TAR REMOVER is used undiluted by means of a pump, spray, and drain tank by circulation through the air cooler. The cleaning temperature should be 50°C and the cleaning time of approximately 8 hours. During the cleaning, the system should be closed and the area around must be ventilated well.

E. Cleaning in Immersion Baths
COAL TAR REMOVER is used in immersion baths for the cleaning of metal components, which are badly soiled with coal tar or similar substances. Afterward, the parts must be well flushed with water. During the cleaning, the bath must be closed and the area must be ventilated well.

This product is used for the highlighted parts below

Problems solved
  • Asphalt and Dried tars, Coal Tar, Bitumen and similar Substances.
  • Oil & Organic Deposits Cleaning.
  • Fuel Oils/Heavy Crude Oils Cleaning.
  • Organic Contamination Oils.
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