Chemozyme Liquid

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  • More economical and safer than mechanical or physio-chemical cleaning methods.
  • Works also in places where mechanical methods are inefficient.
  • May also be used with an automatic dosing machine connected to piping.
  • Brings selected and adapted facultative aerobic and anaerobic micro-organisms that compete with bacteria that cause odors and degrade organic matter.
  • Protects against corrosion and guarantees the long life to installations. • Its fragrance does not contain allergens.
  • Without acid or caustic soda.
  • Ecological and biological because its formula contains ingredients that come from a natural and renewable source.

CHEMOZYME LIQUID unclogs, cleans, maintains and sanitizes vertical piping. It eliminates greasy deposits and organic matter obstructing vertical piping as well as the bad odors associated.
CHEMOZYME LIQUID works efficiently in vertical piping in waste water circuits in ships, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, build-ings, industries.
It contains micro-organisms in liquid suspension, biosurfactants (natural tensio-active agents) produced by selected and adapted strains as well as vegetal-based tensio-actives.


Immediate actions:

  • Cleans piping by eliminating scale and deposits hardened by sedimentation.
  • Degrades and eliminates grease and organic matters.
  • Destroys the source of odors (prevents formation) and leaves a pleasant fragrance.
  • Brings aerobic flora that maintains piping.

Long-term actions:

  • Prevents blocked piping.
  • Restores the flow by eliminating organic matter and grease obstructing the passage.
  • Increases the lifespan of piping.
  • Guarantees long-lasting protection against corrosion.
  • Reduces cleaning and the risks associated: bursting, deformations, leaks, etc.
  • Users no longer use chemical products for maintenance.

CHEMOZYME LIQUID is associated and compatible with CHEMOZYME SOLUPACK as well as with CHEMOZYME BTC, which guarantees a good start to any biological treatment. It is also associated with the entire line of cleaning products.

Use and dosing

Shake before use. First dilute 10% of CHEMOZYME LIQUID in warm water and apply all at once at the top of the vertical piping. The use of a proportional measure is recommended.
Vertical piping: 150ml per linear meter, every 2 months.
Piping: 30ml per linear meter, every week.
Pulpers: Flush the whole system at the end of the day including pulpers, pipes, etc. with warm water and CHEMOZYME LIQUID.
Starting / Re-starting Phase / Saturation:
Shake before use, dilute 10% of CHEMOZYME LIQUID in warm water and apply every three floors starting with the ground floor, every two weeks.
Piping / Vertical piping: 250 ml per linear meter.
Do not use any bactericidal 2 hours before and 2 hours after applying. Apply when least in use (when effluent is lowest). Environment to be treated should have 4.5<pH<9 and a temperature of 10° to 50°C.

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