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  • Maintains optimum phosphate level in boiler water.
  • Controls water hardness.
  • Keeps sludge suspended for efficient blowdown.
  • Increases boiler efficiency.
  • Highly soluble, easy to apply and use.

CHEMOPHOS is a phosphate-based chemical compound in powder from, which is easily soluble in water. It is particularly effective for the reduction of hardness in boiler water systems. Calcium hardness is converted to soft, non-adherent sludge which can be easily be removed by blowdown. The phosphate contained in the chemical will react with calcium, forming a non-adhering precipitant, thus preventing formation of calcium – based scale. CHEMOPHOS is used in conjunction with CHEMALK to form a complete water treatment scheme.


CHEMOPHOS is used in all types of boilers, both H.P and L.P. boilers.

Use and dosing

Boiler Water condition Monitoring: Arrange boiler water sampling at regular intervals, depending on boiler type and working pressure. cool and analyses sample at once. The results from the analysis will determine the action to be taken.
Dosing : Dissolve CHEMOPHOS in hot (around 50oC), condensate water to form a solution of 1 part chemical in 20 parts of water. Stir well so that chemical is fully dissolved. Then, feed the solution directly to the boiler via feed water line. In low pressure boilers, the product may be fed directly to a condensate return tank.
The idea of using a hardness controlling chemical is to maintain adequate, yet controlled phosphate levels in boiler water.On untreated waters, the initial dosage is a function of feed water quantity. during normal working, a raise of phosphate level by 20 ppm would require the addition of 20 gr CHEMOPHOS per 1000 liters of distilled water.
Dosing guidelines
Calculate the initial chemical dosage for your boiler, and locate standard PO4 levels, according to the boiler working pressure.
-Normal PO4 levels for boiler with working pressure between 0 to 42 bar would be 20-50 ppm.
-Initial dosing to achieve these standards would be 23gr per 1000 distilled water.

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