Chemobreak WF

140105 pail, drum Fuel consumption, Sludge    
  • Specially formulated blend of de-emulsifiers, surfactants, and dispersant.
  • Increases the quantity of fuel available for combustion by keeping heavy fuel particles in suspension.
  • Prevents sludge formation in tanks and lines.
  • Improves separator efficiency.
  • Stabilises fuel efficiency.
  • Minimizes fuel systems maintenance work and cost.

FUELTREAT DEMULSIFIER quickly breaks water in-in-oil emulsions in all grades of fuel. It simplifies water removal, either at the stage of the settling tank or at the centrifugal separator. Powerful dispersants cope with existing sludge formation while they prevent new sludge from being formed. The product is insoluble in water and remains active even when the water has been removed. FUELTREAT DEMULSIFIER improves centrifugal separation of catalyst fines and as a result, damages cause by abrasion are reduced.


FUELTREAT DEMULSIFIER is used in water-in-oil emulsions.

Use and dosing

FUELTREAT DEMULSIFIER is added directly into the fuel tank prior to bunkering either through a sounding pipe or a filling line, to ensure properly mixing of the product into the fuel.
Dosage rates are mostly governed by the water content of the fuel. The recommended dosage rate is 1 liter of FUELTREAT DEMULSIFIER per 4000 liters per fuel. This dosage assumes 0.5%- 1.00% water in fuel volume. If the water content is more than 1.0%, the product dose should be increased proportionally.

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