130101 pail, drum Boiler water system performace    


  • Complete boiler water treatment.
  • Reduces utility cost.
  • Cuts downtime
  • Lowers maintenance and operating costs.
  • Improves boiler`s efficiency and extends self-life.
  • Keeps sludge suspended fro efficient blowdown.
  • Easy to use and apply.

BWT-200 provides complete protection from scale, corrosion, bio-fooling and suspended solids; the main problems associated with water. It is a full treatment, which protects boiler surfaces, prevents corrosion and controls water hardness, alkali and salt levels. BWT-200 acts as an oxygen scavenger as well as a corrosion inhibitor.
BWT-200 offers the following types of boiler water control:

  • Hardness: The product ensures hardness salt precipitation, thus avoiding adhering on heat transferring surfaces.
  • Alkalinity: The correct level of alkalinity in boiler water is important to ensure acid neutralization and corrosion mitigation, harness salt precipitation, magnesium and calcium salt control.
  • Oxygen: The product possesses oxygen scavenging capabilities, which become crucial as boiler pressure increases. Scavenging will take place even at low working temperatures.
  • Sludge: The product contains powerful dispersant, which prevent sludge and/or sediments to form crystals or precipitate.

BWT-200 is suitable for use on smoke and water tube boilers, auxiliary boilers, waste heat recovering units, economizers, and steam generators up to 30 bar pressure.

Use and dosing

Feeding: The should be dosed continuously to the boiler system using a metering pump in order to get the full benefit of the corrosion inhibitors. An alternative, though not preferred, is a gravity feeding arrangement.
Dosing Rates: The product should be diluted with distilled or condensate water in dosage tank, and dosed continuously for 24 hours. Dosage rates depends on the quality of water in boiler system and on the size of the system to be treated. The initial dosage is 2.4 liters of BWT-200 for every 1000 boiler water. this will bring optimum

P. Alkalinity value to 200 ppm. P Alkalinity: 100-300pp CaCO3 Chlorides: 200 ppm Cl max.

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