Bilge Water Flocculant

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  • Cost-effective bilge water treatment based on a special blend of organic and inorganic polymers.
  • Iron-free; completely safe to the environment.
  • Acts by both breaking the oil-in-water emulsion and by building flocs.
  • Helps to meet environmental regulations on oil content. Discharged water contains normally less than 3 ppm oil.
  • Remaining oil sludge can be burned onboard or pumped ashore – contains very little water.
  • Low dosage, easy to apply.
  • Effective over an extended pH-range.

BILGE WATER FLOCCULANT is a very effective coagulant based on highly charged cationic organic polymers and inorganic coagulants, and constitutes the most up-to-date solution for separating oil residues from bilge water. BILGE WATER FLOCCULANT is completely safe to the environment.


The international environmental regulations that apply to the oil content in effluent water from ships are strict. Use BILGE WATER FLOCCULANT in combination with mechanical means, in order to fully meet with these regulations.
BILGE WATER FLOCCULANT constitutes the necessary chemical cleaning step for achieving best results. It is used in combination with multistage bilge water cleaning systems that include mechanical separation of free oil, emulsion breaking, flocculation and filtration. Discharged water contains normally less than 3 ppm of oil.The formulation of BILGE WATER FLOCCULANT comprises Poly aluminium Chloride (PAC), inorganic coagulants and biocides, completely replacing inorganic coagulants such as aluminum and ferric salts.
After dosing, it acts by breaking the oil-in-water emulsions that are formatted by contaminants in lubricating and fuel oils, emulsifying cleaning agents etc. The oil droplets are stabilized and accumulated into larger particles (flocs), thus making it easy to collect by filtering.


Use and dosing

BILGE WATER FLOCCULANT is to be used in combination with multistage bilge water cleaning systems.
BILGE WATER FLOCCULANT works over an extended pH-range, thus making unnecessary the additional adjustment of the pH, with acids or alkalis.
Typical dose rate: 100 – 500 ppm (0.1 – 0.5 litre/m³ of water).
Insert BILGE WATER FLOCCULANT undiluted to a multistage bilge water cleaning system. Use a dosage pump connected to the pressure side of the oil descaler. The floc tank is fed according to the flow of the bilge water pumped into it. The feed is adjusted in connection with the installation and normally needs no alteration. If required, dosing can also be controlled by measuring the level in the container.

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