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Alkasafe Cleaner

110203 pail, drum Vegetable oil, Animal oil IMO  


  • Non-caustic, safe to use cleaner.
  • Cargo tank cleaning following discharge of drying, semi- drying and non-drying natural oils and fats.
  • Suitable for all tank-coatings; non-corrosive to ferrous metals.
  • Ideal to use where alkaline corrosive cleaners are not suitable.
  • Prevents re-deposition of solid particles.
  • Suitable for gas and hydrocarbon freeing of tanks.
  • Suitable for deodorizing.
  • IMO-approved & bio- degradable, minimizing environmental concerns.

ALKASAFE CLEANER provides an excellent alternative to solvent-based and highly-alkaline cleaners, meeting with the requirements for cleaning action, safety and environmental considerations and is easily dosed into marine systems. ALKASAFE CLEANER is highly concentrated, containing non-caustic alkaline cleaners, blended with powerful emulsifiers, detergents, fast-penetrating wetting agents and corrosion inhibitors. It is formulated specifically for cargo tank cleaning following discharge of drying, semi-drying and non-drying natural oils and fats, without harming the surfaces. ALKASAFE CLEANER is odorless and has an excellent deodorizing and sanitizing capacity, making it an ideal cleaner between cargo changeovers, particularly if complete hydrocarbon freeing is necessary. ALKASAFE CLEANER is non-corrosive to normal constructional metals and can be safely used on all tank coatings. Being highly concentrated, it is economical to use and ideal for direct injection or recirculation methods. Detergent wetting agents in ALKASAFE CLEANER break-up and free deposits from surfaces helping the alkaline emulsifiers to saponify natural oil and fat residues to form water-soluble soaps which themselves contribute to the emulsification of residues. ALKASAFE CLEANER is IMO-approved. Only cleaners registered in Annex10 of IMO’s MEPC.2/Circular can be used and disposed of at sea for cargo tank cleaning when the cargo residue slops are disposable at sea.


ALKASAFE CLEANER is excellent for cargo tank cleaning of animal and vegetable oils, fats, and white mineral oils. It can be safely used on all tank coatings (for zinc silicate coated tanks, strong solutions should be avoided). Suitable for hydrocarbon-free cleaning and can also be used as a deodorizing wash in all applications. Also exhibits great performance on stubborn deposits, when used in 50-100% concentrations. Use ALKASAFE CLEANER when alkaline corrosive cleaners are not suitable and when personnel safety is essential.

Use and dosing

Use ALKASAFE CLEANER for cargo tank cleaning after cargo discharge. First, flush tanks with cold water as soon as possible after the cargo has been discharged, for preventing polymerization and evaporation of the lighter oil fractions. Best use indicates that, if possible, ALKASAFE CLEANER should be heated to 60-80°C, diluted with either fresh or sea water. If some natural oils tend to polymerize, use lower cleaning temperatures. The solution strength depends on the amount and types of residues to be removed and the cleaning method. Use a combination of direct injection and recirculation, implementing tank cleaning machines, for the most economical use of ALKASAFE CLEANER. Direct injection at solution strengths up to typically 4% should be used until the recirculation suction is °ooded when cleaning is stopped and equipment connected to the recirculation line for the remainder of the operation. The initial direct injection wash should be directed toward tank bottoms and lower tank side surfaces. If only recirculation is implemented, a solution of 2% to 4% should be typically used. ALKASAFE CLEANER may be hand-sprayed using concentrations between 50% and 100% for local cleaning and the removal of, particularly stubborn deposits.

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