Delivery Ports

CSR & Environment


Environmental Philosophy


We’re proud to implement a green philosophy for our company and products. We consider protection of the environment as part of our efforts to promote sustainable development in the marine sector. This is being achieved in several ways:

  • Bio-chemical cleaning solutions based on ongoing R&D programs
  • Eco-friendly tank cleaners based on International Maritime Organisation (IMO) regulations
  • Environmentally-friendly low toxicity product range to protect aquatic life
  • Low-toxic solvents
  • Ongoing efforts to increase recycling rate of waste
  • Chemo Environmental Management System which is ISO 14001
  • Member of HE.R.R.Co (Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation)
  • Holder of the Alternative Management Certificate  (AMC)
  • Energy efficient offices, facilities and transport vehicles


Corporate Social Responsibility


Giving back to our community is very important to us. It is part of our values which are driven by our ethics and integrity. Chemo’s CSR actions include:

  • Donations of electronics to schools and local communities
  • Humanitarian aid to NGOs
  • Donations to Medicins sans Frontiers
  • Participation in local community-support health initiatives